Buying a Marina in Port Grimaud: a great investment

Port Grimaud is an adorable and special lakeside town, with nearly 2,000 marinas and well-sheltered at the bottom of the gulf of Saint Tropez, which unravels across one tenth of a nautical mile. Surrounded by the salty scent of the ocean, Port Grimaud is a door that opens directly onto the great blue, space, and escape. Make no mistake about it: the well-named “Provencal Venice” is a gift for the blessed souls who lay their eyes upon it, an offering worthy of the most beautiful maritime artwork.

It is the accent of the Mediterranean that sings in your ear, its scents that sharpen your emotions and titillate the slightest sensations. But Port Grimaud is also a unique architectural ensemble, which was inscribed in 2002 in the Patrimony of the XXth century, the city having been imagined and built by the Alsatian architect François Spoerry starting in 1966. This builder was inspired by the heritage of the Mediterranean to the way of life in Provence and the most recent and modern methods of construction.

Acquiring a Marina in Port Grimaud

It is hardly worth mentioning that buying a property, whether it is destined to become a place to crash or a luxury reserved for rental, in such an attractive area will no doubt be on the radar of many tourists. Especially since there are plenty of attractions here, the least of which is certainly not the opportunity to go out on the open sea with family or friends.


Example of a marina for sale with its mooring right in front of the house

Granting yourself a getaway on the private beach of the Marina de Cogolin will guarantee you a relaxing day. You will be able to enjoy a small navigation center as well as an ideal spot, well-sheltered from the sun under the shade of the sails floating in the wind. Its ease of access and its familial focus are real assets. Less well known than the beaches of Port Grimaud, it nevertheless presents a most attractive appeal… facing the beaches of Sainte Maxime and situated only a few strides away from Saint Tropez.

However, without having to move too much, walking along the canals in the heart of the city has the advantage of being able to stroll on foot. You will meet other marina owners, who, most often, have sought refuge there after retirement, far from noise and appearances. They are also mostly wealthy owners, for whom the boat is often the most suitable means of transport, having opted for the calm and tranquility that make Port Grimaud a true haven of peace, unique in its kind, in the Mediterranean basin.

Each Marina Is Different

Each house has a particular character. No one house resembles another, and can even be very distinct, differing in terms of location and size of moorings. Their location and the view they offer onto the bay of Saint Tropez brings a personal touch to each owner. Although Port Grimaud now looks like an old Provencal village, but with an excellent infrastructure, it has become one of the most beautiful and coveted real estate projects in the world.

Marinas along the canals of Port Grimaud

The construction on Port Grimaud is exceptional, with its some 2,400 dwellings, stretching over 75 hectares and arranged in three districts, each managed in complete autonomy. Almost all the houses in Port Grimaud have their own moorings that overlook the façade. These marinas are therefore perfectly integrated into their environment. There is not the moorings with the anchored boats, and then further away the dwellings, and even further away the commercial district. Rather, here, everything is integrated: the moorings are located either directly in front of the houses or within the vicinity, and the shops are quickly and easily accessible, regardless of where in Port Grimaud you are staying.

One of the great advantages of Port Grimaud for boaters is that it offers all the services typical of a modern harbor. Everything has been designed, thought of, taken care of; you just have to choose one of the many properties currently on the market… via our agency, Boutemy Immobilier.